Eyüpsultan Association of Culture, Art, Sports, Education and Solidarity

  • was found in İstanbul, Eyüpsultan to
  • Deliver the values of our roots to qualified individuals, institutions and society people with projects that are valid in today’s conditions based on the perspective of civilization,
  • Establish staff and institutions to lead our society and civilization basin that we live in,
  • To develop our society in the fields of science, idea, culture, history, religion, morals, economy, art, etc. and contribute to productivity of our people,
  • Create awareness in rights and freedoms against any negativity and lawlessness on human’s rights and freedoms, to show any kind of effort on this matter and support those who work on this field,
  • Ensure qualified products/understandings/projects are produced in the fields of language, religion, education, art, literature, etc. and qualified thoughts are brought forward and popularized in the society,
  • Conduct effective and decisive studies for the public on protection of clean environment and historical, cultural, touristic regions and works, introduction of these works to the public and incorporation of them to our culture.

Set a good example on contribution of non-governmental organizations to provision of public services by cooperating with public institutions and organizations and local administrations and participation in public services voluntarily and to carry out operations on these matters,





CEIPES–International Center for Promotion of Education and Development is a global association having representation in 8 European countries that was established in Palermo in 2007 and does not seek profit.

Purposes of the association;

  • To encourage strengthening local communities and individuals through education and training, human rights and international cooperation and sustainable development,
  • To encourage non-formal education as a basic tool in education of the youth and adult and as a supplementary of formal education,
  • To encourage personal and social development through learning mobility,
  • To create new innovative tools and methodologies in order to develop beneficial strategies in the field of education through public and private institutions at local and international level,
  • To encourage both methodological and technological study, research and innovation in order to provide scientific support to specific activities,
  • To encourage cross-cultural dialog to promote common understanding and respect among individuals from different cultures,
  • To encourage peace and human rights as a basic tool and reach the world of equality and solidarity where all people can access their fundamental rights.


CEIPES works with more than 100 institutions, organizations and companies at local, European and international level in order to develop methodologies and technologies in the field of education and innovative strategies and participative tools in studies conducted with the youth and adult. Operations of CEIPES at European and international level are carried out in a firm collaboration with more than 50 NGOs, universities and public institutions. All partners commonly aim to realize a positive transformation, facilitate social cohesion on respect to human rights and ensure active participation of all individuals for their personal and collective achievements.




Eyüpsultan became a District Municipality when İstanbul got its status of Metropolitan Municipality in 1983. Consisting of 29 neighborhoods, Eyüpsultan Municipality serves a population of 400.513 people in an area of 242 km2 from the coast of the Golden Horn to the coast of the Black Sea. The district has a coast to the Golden Horn in 3,8 km and to the Black Sea in 13.350 m. 

Adopting the mission to serve its residents and guests in any field that they need with the inspiration from ancient civilization values, Eyüpsultan Municipality prioritizes quality, efficiency, rationality and innovativeness and serves the people Eyüpsultan with 2018 employees working in 28 directorates. In line with this mission, the municipality takes historical heritage of the district as basis for all activities with the understanding of making Eyüp a city of peace and adopts a vision to be a transparent and dynamic municipality which adopts the principle of sustainability, stands out as a social and cultural municipalism with no needer and abandoned, leads social development, solves infrastructure and superstructure issues and builds the future at high standards.