The project “Cities With Stories” received grant under the “Common Cultural Heritage: Conservation and Dialogue Between Turkey and the EU-II (CCH-II) Grant Program” implemented by the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism with financial support from the European Union. The Contracting Authority for the Program is the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. “Common Cultural Heritage: Conservation and Dialogue between Turkey and the EU-II (CCH-II) Grant Programme” aims to promote and develop joint cultural heritage activities carried out jointly by Turkish and EU institutions. The general objective of this grant program is to develop a dialogue with civil society through culture, art and cultural heritage, to develop international cooperation in the field of cultural heritage and to promote cultural values ​​in Turkey.

The main purpose of this project is to consolidate dialog between Turkey and the EU through children’s stories on tangible and intangible cultural heritage and bring different cultures together with story-telling. This project aims to ensure children make up stories about cultural heritage of two different cultures and share them to encourage peer teaching and they develop their vision on cultural emphasis.

In addition, main output of this project is building up a permanent cultural understanding and dialog through cultural heritage stories made up by children with their own words, creativeness and knowledge and popularizing peer teaching. Thanks to the training of Historical Story-Telling, children from both countries will be able to understand and tell their cultural heritage with their own words and creativeness and will be encouraged to learn history from each other. It is aimed that children enhance their historical knowledge and act with the consciousness of preservation of history.

Turkey and Italy are famous for their magnificence across the world and popular tourism destinations. On the contrary, Eyüpsultan is a region that is known less as a historical region. However, Eyüpsultan has a precious cultural heritage such as historical buildings, grave stones, mosques, etc. Palermo is also a historical region of Italy that is underrecognized. This project aims to enhance familiarity of Eyüpsultan and Palermo.