Ah Such a Beautiful Istanbul

Zeynep is a 9years old girl who has a lot of curiosity about history a lot. She lives in a little town with her teacher father, housework mother, and her 13 years old brother.

Her brother has just finished middle school and won a decent high school in Istanbul. Because of that reason, his father wanted him to take Istanbul, and he accepted. Zeynep was a little bit upset about this case because her friends, the neighborhood where she lives, and her teachers leaving behind are not easy to accept. They had to move to another home without waiting until the end of the summer. Her father had gone to the house and prepared it before his family came, and turned to take them back. It wasn’t easy to leave this town for both Zeynep and her family, and they set off the round by farewelling with a big sadness.

It will be a long trip, but Zeynep achieved to take fun even with this. She followed carefully where they were passing through, by reading the whole signboard throughout the way. The signboards written as Istanbul now was begun to appear. She asked questions to her father along the way “ how many ways do we have as rest, my father.” By telling, she got very excited. They were passing from a big bridge which is on the sea, so she got a little bit scared.

-my father, it is such a big bridge that don’t we fall from here, do we?

-No my darling, don’t worry. This is the “15 July Martyrs” bridge. There are two more bridges that connect Asia to Europe called “’ Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge’ and “ ’Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge’’ they made billions of vehicles pass easily by connecting those bridges, to the continent.

- it is such an amazing, my father

They now came to the district in Okmeydanı which connects to the Şişli where their home is placed. Again she asked curiously.

-Father, what is the meaning of Okmeydanı?

- he said I am very happy that you are curious about those. The arrow field and archery lodge established by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for archery competitions in this region were here. For this reason, they gave this name.

Zeynep thought that there is a lot of things to learn. They placed their home in a short time, and Zeynep registered at the school first. It was the next registration for her brother. They woke up that morning and waited for the bus by moving to the station. They got on a bus that goes to the Taksim. Zeynep watched her around during the path with curious eyes. They got out of the bus at the last station which is Taksim. She thought of here as too crowded. She saw the tremendous Atatürk monument in the middle of the square. People were taking photos in front of it. İmmediately Zeynep and her brother posed for the photo. After moving a little bit, they came down an extensive street.

Her father said:

-Here is Istiklal square.

There were high buildings, shops, places for food, drinking, cafes, and bookseller on the way. They saw a nostalgia tramway which is one carriage and has a ring-like “ ringing”. They came at the end of the street. Her father said here is a “Tunnel”

-There is a funicular transport vehicle that was put into service between Karaköy and Beyoğlu in 1875. Wagons connected to thick ropes carry passengers by moving up and down. “Then I will get you on,” he said.

Immediately, they started to come down from the next street. There were also shops selling musical instruments and authentic goods on this street. When they came to the middle of the street, Zeynep saw a huge tower.

-Father, father, look. It is similar to Rapunzel’s fable castle where she lived inside.

Her father smiled

- here is “Galata Tower” let's make your brother’s registration. He said that we have time to climb the tower, and you should watch the environment from the top.

After a while of walking, they came to her brother’s school which was a big, and old school. Her older brother had won the Austrian High School with a full scholarship. After they finished the registration process, they walked around the school. It was a big school with height roof. Zeynep said inside “Oh! We finally left school. After little of moving around, they arrived in front of the Galata Tower. her father bought tickets from the Ticket Office. They took a queue on the steel stairs. It was crowded, and they waited for their queue to come. In charge person who was at the entrance, took people inside a group of 6 people. they passed the turnstile after showing their tickets

-Aaaaa! Is their elevator father, I thought about how to manage the climbing on the stairs.

-Yes my darling, we will climb on the elevator. Between the first floor and 6th floor were climbed with elevator. There are steel stairs between the 6th and 8th floors. he said “My curious girl, which I will explain in more detail above,”

They got off the elevator on the 6th floor, where there were windows projecting outward on all sides. It was a 360-degree all-around place. From every window, magnificent views of Istanbul could be watched.

Look children, I will explain to you the history of this place. In 1267 years, Genesis who was in alliance with Byzantine Empire established a colony which they called Pera in Galata. They established around this tower. the battle that was erupted between the two nations, and the signed deal after, was left to Genesis where the hill of the tower involved. This tower which was built for the purpose of a watchtower was handed to the Ottomans with the conquest of Istanbul without having any fighting. Even though there had been kind of destruction on the tower, II. Mehmet who was Ottoman padishah made the call for rebuilding the destroyed sides with his edict. By the year of 18th century, the Mehterhane fireplace was used as a watchtower for observing a fire due to that it was a dominant construction in the city. In fact, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi achieved to fly towards the Usküdar from that tower’s top. It was kind of falling into ruin because of hitting some earthquakes, but it came to our modern-day by being repaired. Nowadays, it is served as a museum. On this floor, there is the simulation area where the animation of Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi gliding from the Galata Tower is shown. Besides, there is information such as works of art that were used by Genesis, photos of the liberation war, the Galata Tower, and photos of walls. There is a display place in the transition area of the 6th floor, a model showing a part of Istanbul on the 7th floor and viewing binoculars in front of the windows, and a viewing terrace on the 8th floor. Zeynep and her brother had a great pleasure visiting the tower and used the stone stairs while coming down. It was a tiring day and they were on their way home. Zeynep fell into a sweet sleep.

Beautiful Istanbul, you have many historical places to visit, I hope to hit the road again…