Taha was a student at the 7th grade. He hated history classes and didn’t even like it. One day, he would study history in the class again. The subject was the period of Murad II and later periods. Ali who was very interested in history in the class answered teacher’s all questions and gave surprising answers. At last, teacher asked Taha:

 —Taha, how old was Mehmed II when he first ascended the throne?

  Ali was raising his hand insistently towards the teacher; but teacher wanted Taha to answer and attended the lesson. However, the teacher couldn’t wait and let Ali answer the question. Ali:

 —He took over the throne from his father Murad II when he was 13 years old. However, the Hungarian received support of the Crusaders and took advantage of this when they learned a child at 13 ascended the throne. Then, they declared war against the Ottoman Empire. Murad II couldn’t resist insistence of Halil Pasha and his viziers and came to the throne again. He turned the Battle of Varna into an absolute victory of the Ottoman Empire. After Murad II died, Mehmet II ascended the throne again when he was 19 years old.

  The teacher confirmed and praised Ali, but criticized Taha. Then, Taha developed a grudge both against his teacher and Ali. Taha went home and told his mother what happened. His mother made heads roll and said:

 —Watch historical videos on the Internet instead of watching game videos. At least you have a history knowledge and are not rebuked by your teacher!

  Taha let himself into his room. As always, he started watching game videos on the Internet. He found answers of homework given by his teachers on the Internet and went to his bed. He cursed himself by saying “How can I understand history?”

  The next day, he went to the school. When they got out of the school, Ali told Taha:

 —I will show you an easy and enjoyable way of learning history. Come with me.

  Taha and Ali was walking together. They came Ali’s home. Ali told Taha to wait. Ali went home. Taha was waiting Ali impatiently. Ali came back with a book, but Taha burst into laugh:

 —That was the secret?


 —Come here. Look, do you know what it is?


 —It looks like a strange piece of stone.


 —That’s a portal. We will be beamed to 1444 in a few seconds.

  Ali turned the portal on. A bright light which was whiter than milk surrounded them. Taha:

 —I am dazzled. Stop this, right now.


 —I am doing my best to teach you history. Do you want jam on it?

  Taha got quiet. They were really beamed to the past. Ali:

 —We are in Edirne, which is the capital city of the Ottoman Empire in 1444 (until 1453). Look over there, the janissaries are preparing to distribute ordinance to villages. Some of them are preparing for the war.

  Murad II was ready for the war. He hit the road with his army. Taha and Ali decided to walk in the city. Technology in the city was not so developed. Ali set the portal and they were beamed to 1453. There was a big mobilization at the border of the Ottoman Empire to Constantinople. Ali set the date to May 28th and this magnificent city would be going to be conquered tomorrow. The Byzantine enclosed the Golden Horn with chains. However, Mehmed II laid down woods to areas that had a cost to the Golden Horn and had them greased. So, his ship would be going to land on the Golden Horn. It was becoming evening. Ali and Taha found somewhere and laid down there. Tomorrow was the big day and they fell into sleep quickly.

  They woke up in the morning and saw a pile of field guns in front of the city walls. They were waiting order to ignite the fuse. Mehmed II gave the order. Walls of the Byzantine was so stable even if the guns shot and tried to demolish the walls. Mehmed II gave the order for the giant one in the middle. "Shahi"

Mehmed II designed the Shahi himself and other field guns seemed like its babies. Fuse of the Shahi was ignited. A huge noise was heard around. That was impossible. Byzantine walls were reamed out in the middle. Mehmed II gave his army attack order. When Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, he named it İstanbul and made it the capital city. He was known as “Grand Turco” in Europe and as “The Conqueror” among Turkish people. Taha and Ali ran to the Hagia Sophia Mosque for the prayer to be performed by Mehmed the Conqueror.

  They started reviewing this splendid work when they finished praying. He had big lines put in the main area of the Mosque. White curtain was also drawn to divinized picture of Jesus. The Roman Empire collected stones from African territories and brought them here for a column of this magnificent structure. Hundred thousands of stones were cut and dressed for one column. The main roof (dome) was left half since Pythagoras who was a famous mathematician of the time died. Byzantine workers tried hard, but they couldn’t accomplish. So, the dome required maintenance every year. The Hagia Sophia was almost endless since it was a giant-like Mosque. Every corner of the mosque was beautiful. They got out of the Hagia Sophia. There were also grand works outside. They wended their way to Eyüpsultan. They walked on areas where there were Eyüpsultan cemeteries. They prayed for martyrs. There was a big stone and Ali told Taha about it:

 —Sultan’s son who was sultan stepped on this stone. He came with a raft. By stepping on this stone, the people learned which son was the sultan.

  They turned Eyüp upside down. When they were in the square, Taha:

 —Ali, I couldn’t understand the War of Ankara at all. Can you beam us?

  Ali set the year to 1402. He turned the portal on. They went there with the white light. Ali warned Taha:

 —That is a long distance, you may get thirsty. Don’t you dare to drink water’

  Taha thought: “What happens if I drink?” and did not care. İstanbul was ruled over by the Byzantine. Bayezid I was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Bayezid I was given the title “Thunderbolt” in Europe and Asia since he conquered the cities so fast. Tens of crusaders came together and declared war against the Ottoman Empire. However, Bayezid defeated them and had his name written in Europe in gold letters. While they were on the way, Ali mentioned about Timur, who is Bayezid’s enemy. Timur was unbeaten and slapped all his enemies in every war. Timur also won this war. The Turkish almost had Marmara and the surrounding area only. This period was called the Interregnum. They went so long that they arrived Ankara. Taha ran towards the first well he saw. Ali shouted for many times “NO!”, but he was clutching at straws. Ali:

 —Timur had added poison in all water in the wells of Ankara. He had thought that Ottoman Soldiers was going to be tired and wanted to drink water. They got poisoned when they drank. What did you do TAHA!

  Taha drank the water. He felled to the ground. Ali shouted out for many times, but it was useless. He was hearing elephant sound closing. Ali was running and trying to save his life...


 —Taha! Taha! Get up. It is time to go to school.

  All these were a dream. Taha got shocked. But he knew that this couldn’t be real. Taha went to school. He told Ali and his friend about his dream.

  The lesson was history. This time, Taha and Ali attended the class. Teacher:

 —Taha, how could you be so good?


 —My teacher, actually..

     Meanwhile, the bell rang. Teacher asked the students to study Conquest of Egypt.
Taha laughed and said:

 —Ali, let’s beam us to Egypt.

  The whole classed burst into laugh. Ali:

 —Of course, come and beam with me...