The Historical Trip of Ali.

Monday was the 5th month of the year. Ali was going to school at 08:00. His mother entered his room and said:

-Ali, come on son, it's time for school.

Ali: -Okay mom, I'm getting up.

At his mother's request, he got up and went to the bathroom. He washed his hands and put on his school clothes. He made his way to breakfast.

Ali: -Oh mom, what a nice breakfast that you prepared. Health to your hands.

His mother, Zeynep Hanım: Thank you, my son. Enjoy your meal.

His father, Mr. Hasan: -Come and get together.

The household laughed this word. Then everyone sat in the chairs and had breakfast. The time of going to the school was close for Ali. He went out of the home hurriedly. When he arrived at the school, he sat on his place. After a couple of minute, his teacher entered into the class. The teacher had a paper in her hand that wrote a parent's permission certificate. After distributing the papers, the teacher said those words:

“students, there is a tour”

Everyone in the class became very happy. Then, teacher explained what the tour will be about. On our trip, we will go to Basilica Cistern. We will be learning our history in this trip. Afterward, Ali said his friend Zeynep those:

-ohh, this trip will be very boring, I will not come.

Zehra: -I think you should come. We both can learn about our history.

Ali was still insisted not to come

The time of leaving the school has nearly come. Teacher said to the students “you can be gathered” and they did. Leaving bell was rang and everyone went to their home. When Ali arrived his home, he mentioned about the trip. Even though his mother said that you can go, he resisted not to go. But he excepted it after the result of his mother’s persistence.

His mother said :

- Prepare for tomorrow and go on a trip.

Ali said "OK"

Ali went to his room and started to prepare.

The next day, Ali woke up early to get the seat front in the buss and went to the school. Everyone came. The children went into the buss upon a row. And the driver started the bus to go to Basilica Cistern. They arrived at historical Basilica Cistern after a couple of hours. Everyone got out of the buss upon a row. The students welcomed Mrs Arzu, who is a mentor. And she said “ I will be accompany you in this trip. “and they started to move on. The mentor Mrs Arzu entered into the Basilica Cistern with children and she began to explaining.  The other name of cistern is called Basilica Sancır. This tremendous underground cistern was built by I. Justinianus, who was Byzantine Emperor in between 527 and 565 and it was called “Basilica Palace” among the community because of the marble pillar appearing like numerous and within the water rising. The lenght of cistern is 140 meters while its expansion is 70 meters. In Byzantine period, The Basilica Cistern which fulfilled the water neccesity of the other areas, and the big palace where emperors resided, and covered the tremendous field in that area, was used by Ottomans in the 1453 for a while, after the conquest of Istanbul made by Ottomans, and the water was dispatched to their gardens from the Topkapa Palace where emperors resided. The cistern was repaired variously in the time from its establishment to nowadays.

Head of Medusa

The head of Medusa which was used as base under the two pillar at the edge of northwest cistern, is the unique piece of sculpture art in Roma Empire. According to a legend, Medusa was one of three Gorgona, who were a female monster of the underground world. Medusa, who was a snake head from the three sister, had ability to turn people who looked her into a stone. According the concept, at that period, either Gorgona images and sculpture were used to protect exclusive places and big contructions and it is the reason why Cistern Medusa Head was located there. Ali, who listens the speech of the guide carefully, understood how the history was both fascinating and interesting. The end of hour of the trip was almost finished. The students were sitting by getting into the bus slowly. And when they arrived at the school, the parents took their children. Ali went to the home with his family and explained what happened at the trip. he said those words to his mother:

Mother, I understood that there is a divergent beauty of every trip. I believed that the historical tours were kind of boring, but the historical trip was a fascinating trip for me. Her mother was very glad that he experienced a lesson from this trip. No longer, Ali wants to go firstly when a historical trip was.