Hagia Mosque

Rose, who lives in the Kansas State of the United States, wanted very much to visit Turkey. She wanted to see Göbekli Tepe, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Eyüp Sultan, Galata Tower, Topkapı Palace, and many other historical places in Turkey. She liked taking photos of the places where he visited to see, that is why she never took the camera away from her. The most wanted place to see with her family was Hagia Sophia. Many times, she had heard the story of the wishing stone in the Hagia Sophia Mosque, and because of that, she was curious to see it closer and wanted to take pictures of it. It was not just the wishing stone, Angel mosaics on the Wall and this mosaic in the entrance was too fascinating for Rose. Rose wanted to visit Turkey at the first chance. He searched about the price of flight tickets a little bit and she learned that there was a ticket for Monday and Friday. It wouldn’t be Monday because Monday was too close to Sunday, so she might not be managed to prepare 

She first put the most loved clothes in the suitcase because she won't be staying too much, so she puts in it 3 T-shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Five days pass and it's time for Rose to go. After getting well prepared, Rose says goodbye to her mom and dad. She calls a taxi passing in front of the door.

When she arrives in front of the airport, Rose gives the taxi driver some money and then gets off. After landing, she enters the airport, and the two ladies who were sitting at the table ask him for his ticket. He gives his ticket, and after the two ladies check over the ticket, they point to the plane on the far right.

The plane started to take off. Rose is very excited. She fell into a sweet little sleep while watching outside. After waking up from sleep, she landed in Istanbul. Rose knows a little Turkish. She tells a taxi driver passing that she wants to go to the Hagia Sophia mosque.

After 30 minutes, the car stops in front of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. Rose gives some money and gets out of the taxi. The inside of the mosque is big and extended. That was a beautiful mosque. Something Arabic things are written inside. She is familiar with one of them written Allah. The angel mosaics on the walls were also true, as she knew. The wishing stone probably was behind a little bit. I attempted to search for it. Yes, it was kind of inside of the mosque. A tour guide was standing near the wishing stone. She went to close him and said.

-Hello, I know the story of this wishing stone a little bit, but I am not sure that it is true. Could you explain?

-Sure, I would like to explain. Firstly, it is believed that an angel penetrated through the wishing stone, so everybody is praying to it. Some day or other, the water will be flowed by a wishing stone. Then everyone makes a wish on it by rubbing their finger to make a circle. In time, the middle of the stone becomes a hole.

Rose tags behind a guide and walks around there. The guide shows her the big chandelier there. One of them asks:

-Do you think that is building here a lot of time?

The tour guide answers it like that:

-Precisely it will take a long time to build it because this mosque is too big.

-Then, who is this thing having big wings on the wall?

-They are the angels

Rose admires the features of this mosque. She doesn’t forget to take photos. She takes photos of angels on the wall, the wishing stone, and mosaics. She can’t wait to show these to his mother and father.


Eylül Akova 5/B 1474