Today is the day 22 April and tomorrow will be 23 April, which is a holiday at the same time. While I was getting out of the school and going home, I asked my friend Ilayda “ Ilayda, would you mind going to the Galata Tower tomorrow?” she said “ fine, why not” after coming back to my home from the school, I had my meal and did my homework, then called Ilayda to speak, and had talked, that we will go there tomorrow at 10. I woke up around 7. I brushed my teeth. Then I had my breakfast, and I put some food and drinks, and a couple of tools in my bag, then I went to the park where I and Ilayda decided, and I saw Ilayda there. She said “good morning Mert,” I said back “ Morning” and we went to the bus station, then we went to the Beyoğlu, and after walking for a while, we finally arrived at the Galata Tower. we went inside the tower after buying the tickets, and we waited for fort the elevator to get in, and we got in the elevator, while at the moment of climbing the top, the elevator stopped nearly 15 seconds later. She said in haste“Mert, I guess the elevator was out of order. I said “calm down, let's scream to get help, I am sure someone will come to help us” then we both screamed by saying that we were stuck in the elevator, help! We waited for help by saying those things, and after a couple of minutes, the door suddenly was opened. While we were about to be happy, we saw the appearance in front of us. We both were shocked. Ilayda said “ what is that,” I said “ I don't have any idea” because there was a door in front of us which is as bigger as a star that has a galaxy around. I said “let's get out of the elevator and have a look at what it is” we got out of it, and after walking for a while, we arrived there. At that moment, a sound came out of nowhere and looked behind. The door of the elevator had closed, in other words, we were stuck here. While we were looking at each other with curiosity, a sound of talking came, one second, is there a sound talking or it just comes out of us. “ welcome to the cappings door, if you want to get out of here, you will reach the next door by knowing the riddles.” Ilayda said “We really were shocked, and at that time. “then immediately tell the riddle, and get out of here because I don't want to stay here for even one minute.” “well, then don't just forget, and you got just three change to answer. İf you are ready, let's begin the first riddle.” The foal goes, and the wind blows on it. if its feet stumbled on, it drags you through the ground.” The riddle was hard for me, but we had a chance that Ilayda knows the riddle better. She said “I found, the answer is a horse” “congratulations! You are entitled to pass the second question by knowing it correctly, but don't be so relieved, because that question was easy. I hope you perform the same performance.” “it is time for the second question. “it hides the information to the riddle, stores it in, and immediately understands the questions that were asked.” At that moment, I took a step further because I had seen this riddle from the news, and I said “the computer” “ congratulations! You got a chance to pass the 3rd question which is the last riddle. İf you all know that too, the door will be opened to the end, and you can pass the other door.” “Red inside, green outside. You think I'll eat it, I'm an elephant. The black dots inside keep me eating” after thinking about it longly, Ilayda said the answer is watermelon. İt said “it is the correct answer, congratulations!” and the door was opened to the end. The hardest part of that door’s riddle which is bigger10 times and 100 times than us, but there was an odd thing in here. It didn’t resemble the other door. That door was covered with flowers instead. Ilayda said “look Mert, here is such a beautiful” at that moment, the door started to speak “ welcome, now that you guys accomplished answering the first door’s questions, it is time for the second test. Shall we begin if you want?” I said “let's begin” now we will ask you the hardest riddle, and you only got one minute to answer. "It has arms, no legs, it has a rectangle, it has no square" and our time has just begun. It was really hard that nothing was coming to my mind, I guess Ilayda either. The door said “last 25 seconds left” and while we were in the last 10 seconds, Ilayda screamed out of nowhere. “I found, the door” and the door was opened without understanding what happened. While At the moment of rejoicing for backing home, and getting out of the door, we fell to the ground without understanding anything, and we end up in a village, but here was not our home, I guess no one was in the village too. We screwed up right now. During the day, after walking, we didn’t have the strength to walk, and we came across a house, then we rang the bell, and came across a  peasant and we decided to say him that we were lost instead of telling the truth. In fact, he could concern about us in terms of not believing, and if someone had explained those to me, to be honest, I wouldn’t have believed them too. He said “I am very sorry about your situation children, if you want, I can guest you here for a couple of days, what you do think?” what! A couple of days? It couldn’t be because my mother would be in worry a lot, but I guess we didn’t have much choice. We accepted it compulsorily because of not have another chance, and the first attempt that we will do tomorrow was to search for how to get out of here. After we all three ate the dinner, we slept in the rooms by going where the peasant prepared for us. The room of Ilayda was opposing the mine, and the room of the old peasant was on the top floor. We walked around the village after having the breakfast in the early morning, and we discussed all day how to come back our period because I was pretty sure that our families are very worried about us, but unfortunately, we all tried to find out for nothing, and the following three days was also like that. We almost were beyond the hope, and we had to find something on the 4th day in the village. After a long walk with Ilayda, while we exactly were going to the forest, my feet stumbled on something, and when we looked at what it was, it was a kind of mirror thing. I and Ilayda were about to meddle with it, Ilayda realized that there was a button right next to it, and pressed it. then we saw that the elevator that we were stuck in, appeared in front of us, and we jumped in the mirror. When we entered the elevator, we immediately rid of there and head out of our home. While we were going the home getting on the bus, the concern of my mother caused me to be nervous a lot, but we realized something with Ilayda while moving on the road. There were 23 April celebrations in the street, but how would it be possible? It had been one week passed…when we arrived home in half-hour, we farewell to Ilayda, and I got in the home. I said to my mother by hugging her “I missed you so much my mom” my mom said “ my son, you have already got out of the house, how do you instantly miss me? And went back to the kitchen smirking. I immediately looked at the calendar and the watch, today was 23 April, also it had been two hours as my mother said. I mean the two hours in here was one week back there… after those processes, the evening came, and I was thinking about what happened today by lying down on my bed. Even if it was very odd at the beginning, it was both a good memory and a good adventure for me and Ilayda, and it is also a secret.