Istanbul is like how the natural beauty could be seen with its weather, construction, and lots of things everywhere. As we mentioned about its constructions. The Galata Tower was remembered as “TURİS SANTANCE CRUKİS” because of the crucifix on top of the tower, but nowadays, it is mentioned as Galata Tower.

The Year 2022 Friday;

The day is Friday, and the little three inventors, Pelin, Maria, and Merve decided to go to the Galata Tower which is their dream from their childhood. When they went to the Galata Tower, there was a tremendous tower right in front of them. They went into the tower excitedly. After they walked around the 9 floors, some questions were stuck in their head. How was the tower built? We wished that we had gone to the tower on that day…

They gathered on Friday again. Merve said to her father “could you invent the time machine” because her father was an inventor.

  Her father said;

-Her father;

-No I can't

-I have a time machine but can give you one.

We separated into our houses sadly.

the next day, we gathered again. At this time, her father was not at home, so they decided to go to the secret room. They were scary, but curious as well. because of this reason, they went into the room. What could they see! There was a big-time machine. While they were looking at the machine, Merve pressed the button by mistake, and they teleported to 1000 years. Everything was different such as their clothes, shoes, and everything. They went in front of the tower for some reason, but the tower wasn’t the days when they visited before. Just 5 floors were built instead of the whole construction. Merve, Pelin, and Maria possessed another soul of a cave. The souls that they possessed were the people who built the Galata Tower. And now the questions that they wanted to get an answer, to were left to find. While they were listening to the questions, they were shocked. Then they were continuing to make the Galata tower from wood. Half an hour passed, Marian’s feet locked on something, and fell down from the 5 floors. And she was dead, but Merve and Pelin were going to move on as promised. Then we moved to the houses by carriage. We again continued to build the Galata tower on Monday. Every day passing made us miss both our families and Maria. One year passed and the Galata Tower was finished. To come back home, we needed the time machine again, but before that, we brought a rose to its grave of Maria. Then we started to search the time machine. We looked everywhere and there was a left one place which was the balcony of the Galata Tower. It was there and we pressed the button but didn’t work and we tried again and again. Then we came back and saw Marina there which made us very happy. The other adventures that we would go, on will wait for us!