The Skygazer

In Skygazer day passing within the dusty is once again. We were tired and very dirty. My little sister, father, and I needed to excavate with our tools in order to take the obsidian stone out. when we reached out the up of the city and we needed to excavate with our obsidian tools as well. my father is a master of obsidian stone. He makes obsidian stone from various tools and exchanges those tools that he made. We usually Exchange them for food or clothes. We were very lucky because of my father’s ability with everything to make such as furniture, tools, and ornament, that is why we had a decent life to live. Everything of good things has a price for sure. It was dust, soil, and tiredness. Sometimes we have a scratch or cut on our hands. Due to that obsidian stone is a stone that has very sharp edges, we would cut our hands off if we are not careful while carrying and taking it out. My father usually makes with this stone such as knives, spears, arrows, and axes. I would say that he is the best master maker of a stone. The place where my father forges those stones is next to our home and there is a door that we would pass from our home. When the weather gets warm, he works at the housetop. The whole construction around here is built next to each other. Some of the houses have a connection inside. For instance, people who are relative to each other climb the housetop and pass each other the housetop, and when we arrive at their housetop, we ring the wood door on the housetop and they welcome us. We enter into the houses from the housetop because it is safer. When we get out of the house, we hang down the ladder to come down. Someone has to be inside the house. If we all need to get out of the house, we tell our neighbor to make the ladder hung down. There is a hunter group in our living place. This group which consists of brave men brings a bunch of lot to my father from what they hunted that day because all of their weapons are forged my father repairs them if they broke their weapons, so, at the beginning of the hunt, they always visit my father. One day, the process of hunters going hunting had been too long and we all children were waiting for their coming by climbing the housetop impatiently. We heard the screaming of hunters coming far. Due to that, the area is kind of hurry, we haven’t seen them yet. We began to see them and their scream who started to come from near. They were kind of wanting help. Immediately, we screamed with my father; “ Hunters! The hunters came and they want help!” our elders who went up the housetop with their obsidian knives and spears, started to run over the hunters after coming down the ladder. Two hunters who grabbed one of their armpits were dragging one of the hunters and running. Our elders caught them and started to scream by taking one of the hunters back that we thought was the wounded one. We and the people who wait on the housetop and, couldn’t put any meaning on our understanding; Until they saw the wild cat right behind them. We all came down and started to scream with our all power by standing our hands up. What we had done, stopped the cat from coming, but it was obvious that the cat was pissed off. It was like finding an opportunity to attack again by walking around the crowd. Wherever it goes, everyone turns back to that place where it went, and we were keeping to scream. The hunters were beside us, too. While we were trying to get the wounded hunters up from the stairs, and also, at the same time, we were screaming at the wild cat to keep it away. I was trying to draw a circle in the air with my stick, and sometimes I was making dust by striking the ground with my stick. My father and the wounded hunter saw some of the hunters who were in the sight of our rage. In a short time, they appeared with both bows and arrows that were made by my father. They shot either spears or arrows at the cat from everywhere. Thereupon, we saw the cat running. When the signal of my father had made, some of us climbed up the housetop while some of us collected the weapons dropped. When the evening came, what just happened was being told. The hunters had seen something in the bushes, and all together threw their both spears and arrows at that point. When the movement finished, whatever did they see? It was the three babies of that wild cat that attacked us. The three of them were dead, and that cat witnessed this process around there. The hunters told that they didn’t know where it just came from. Suddenly, the cat bitted one of the hunter’s legs and dragged him away. The other hunters took him from the mouth of the cat by using the weapons in their hands, and they run. While the cat was chasing, they tried to open their rage between the cat by dropping their weapons. As soon as we heard about this process of killing the three cats mistakenly, we understood why the cat pissed off so much. The situation of the wounded hunter was kind of bad. If he is able to get over the first night, he would probably live. We woke up to the mourning noise the next morning. The news that the hunter was just dead, came. I was upset so much. We immediately climbed onto the housetop, where he is, with our excavation tools. They took us in. Everyone was very sad and crying. There were two children of the hunter who are less younger than me, but they were aware of the case. They were just crying. They carried out the funeral in the big area, which is in the middle of the whole house, in order to farewell and send him on his last journey by everyone. Some of us started to excavate the floor of the room where the hunter was sleeping. When the hole’s extension was proper, we attended the farewell ceremony too. A sad case happened; either the cat was mourning or two brave young were grieving because of the pain that they all live. We couldn’t agree on any of them. What happened happened. When the ceremony was over, he was buried with his ornament and tools in the hole, where we dug in, after they brought the funeral. Our dead were buried in our houses. In this way, their souls are always close to us. We call the place where we live “Skygazer” maybe it is because of that the view of our houses set eyes on the sky. I don't know if our stories reach thousands of years later or not? I am just trying to portray on the wall of our home what we had been through. The Skywalker name and the Picture that I made, may not reach you, but I am pretty sure that the obsidian tools that my father forged, will definitely reach you. As I said “My father is the master of here”