Sultan of Hearts I will mention to you about the Konya, the city of lovers, making us feel the peace and explaining its love and affinity with its silence, at the same time, it is the Mevlana’s city that formed its identity of Turkey before Turkey has not existed. Such scholars have been brought up and the fascinating stories and memories, warming our hearts, have passed, but I will introduce the poet Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi who is well known for the “come call”, swept both time and people. 900 years ago, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, also known as the "second sun rising from the east", was born in Afghanistan. After the pressure of the Mongols, Syria Kamaleddin Veli, leaving Afghanistan, head out the path of the Iranian. They finally come to Anatolia with the special invitation of Alaaddin Keykubatin of the Seljuk Empire after traveling from Iranian to Iraq, from Iraq to Mekka, and from Mekka to Syria. It was a long journey… Celaleddin doesn't miss any lessons from his father. He was growing his knowledge gradually. He has a conversation with those who are the leader of the area. He is really an applicant of the knowledge. For many years, in Konya, he was too busy teaching his lessons to hundreds of thousands of Islamic scholars. One day, when he was giving a lecture to his students, a brunet old man called Semsi Tebriz showed up and asked a couple of questions about spirituality, and mysticism to Mevlana, he hardly answered with his whole knowledge. This process made Mevlana realize that he still lack the knowledge to see the invisible world, and spirituality in his knowledge of wisdom. Mevlana was impressed by Semsin’s enthusiastic speaking and spiritual knowledge, besides, Sems took a position in Mevlana’s life as the shining sun. Mevlana has left the other world, it is likely that rumors and envyings have already begun. People didn’t want Semsi anymore and it happened. Mevlana is devastated and hurt by the departure of his friend. In this process, he began to write gazelle, poems, and couplets and Mevlana is moaning by telling “come, please come”. His upset presence made everyone upset too, even his son. Oh true, his son was also against Sems, but he cannot stand seeing his father like that, so he promises his father to look for Sem in every land and he starts. One of the most beautiful days of spring... His son was able to find an umbrella. Hearing this, Mevlana said, “Water touch the roads. Give good news to the gardens. Spring scents are coming. He's coming." with this, Mevlana suddenly starts the Sema out of joy, which we call the DANCE OF LOVE. Shams came to Cellaeddine, who told her about divine love and charted a different path."My sun and moon have come, my ears have come, my head is drunk." It was an unforgettable moment for the rest of life for both Mevlana and Sems, however, both of them are resting by burning all their life within the pain of being separated in Konya. Not only was his funeral attended by Muslims, but also Jewish, and Christians attended, so this is the point to the universality of Mevlana’s ideas and true spirit. My whole life of mine depends on the three words; “ I was raw, cooked, and burned.”