There was a woman who had 2 sons, but the woman always wanted a daughter, then she had another son, but there was something bothering them. Every night, the door of the room they did not use would ring 11 times.


One day, their eldest son was lost, the father was very worried and said that I will enter through this door, maybe something, but do not leave the hall, children, do not leave your mother, he said, whoever that person may kidnap you, he went through the door and searched the room, suddenly the bookcase moved, the man was very scared, help. help! cried, of course, the mother and the children were also very scared.


The father said no, there is someone there, the bookcase moved, I was very scared, he said, I came to the hall, he said he will keep it there in the evening, the mother said no, I heard a story when I was little, there was a monster that haunts a house, he knocks on the door of that house every night if someone opens the door, especially if it is a child wow, he would kidnap him, tell him terrible stories for 40 days, imprison him there, especially if someone enters, then I know very well what I will do, so he said I'll go, if he does something to me, then I'll take his eye off his father said okay but if he does something to you That's when he said I'll take the light from his eye, the father said, "Leave my son to madarka, if you don't leave my son, I will own your daughter," said Madarka, "How do you know my daughter," said the mother, "Leave my son," said Madarka, when he said that he won't leave Madarka, suddenly his son came out. She told bad stories, the mother said they were all lies, they went to the hall, madarka evd A few months after we dated, they had a daughter and Madarka got what she deserved.