The Extraordinary Trip.

Hello, I am 20 years old Hülya. I will be explaining the process that I and my four friends Asıla, Merve, Aylin, and Mina were through 9 years ago and no one would believe. We were in the 5th grade of middle school and there would be an Istanbul trip. I mean, they will be explaining to us the city where we live. They will be taking us to the Hagia Sophia mosque and around Sultanahmet. I and my friends are very curious about the history and attended immediately. We were very excited. The time of going trip has come. Firstly we went to the Eyüpsultan. We knew how a fascinating city of Eyüpsultan by the representation of the guide is.  When we thought that the trip was going to be the next day. The time passed so quickly and we were on our way. They first took us to Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet’s around. It was an amazing place. After that, we went to the Galata Tower. We were walking from behind the group and Aylin’s arm hit the brick all of a sudden the brick moved and the gate was revealed out of nowhere. I and my friend, Aslı, Merve, Mina were scared a lot. Aylin said to get in, but we said no. Our legs were shaking because of the fear. Aylin made a deal with us by telling us that she would enter to look at what there is inside. Then I would tell you what there was. After we said, okay, Aylin got inside. Having got out of the place for 5 minutes, she said that she realized something inside that resembles an elevator written on a time machine and said that there is nothing to worry about. But we worried and we went into the time machine. We arranged the time for 29 May 1453 when Istanbul was conquered. We were very curious to meet with Faith Sultan Mehmet. We asked janizaries for meeting us with Faith Sultan Mehmet. In the beginning, they didn’t lean on this matter, but they excepted it finally. They made us meet with Faith Sultan Mehmet who said us what is our purpose for visiting me. We said that we were curious about how a person you are. He had a conversation with us, and he was such a young and pretty man. After saying that we were glad to meet with you my padishah, and goodbye, we arranged the time machine and came back. Then I insisted to see the flight of Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi in the Galata Tower. The girls have barely accepted it finally. And we teleported by arranging the time. Then we realized that Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi was preparing to fly on the hill. After opening the wing that he had done his own hand, he started to glide through the air. When he was lost in eyes, we thought that he turned Üsküdar back and we arranged the time machine and went back. As soon as we left the room, the trip had been over. We were upset not to see the Galata Tower, but we came back home by thinking about the opportunity that will just be one more in the hand of a human. Whoever we talked about that day, no one didn’t believe us. I hope you guys can believe me,

Take care