Today was April 8th. Finally, the half-holiday was coming after the 9 days and I will have more free time a lot. I have done my homework from the day that was given because I want my brain relieved for the future days. I was sitting at home on Saturday and I was bored a lot. While I was speaking with my best friend called Diren, I realized that he was bored too. The weather was very cool. We made an agreement to visit a historical place. We were going to visit the Galata Tower. We head out the way at 13:00.

Finally, the morning has come. I washed my hair and face and I had breakfast with my family. After talking with Diren for a while, we prepared our bag and set off. We bought the tickets and got inside. While we were walking from floor to floor, we reached out to the top floor. What, what is that? Diren found an odd mirror. At the first, we thought of it as a normal mirror and fixed our hair, but nearly 10 minutes later, we felt as if the mirror was talking. The voice belonged to an animal, it was not like humans instead. The weird thing was that people around us couldn’t see where we are. Diren and I looked at each other and a sound came out of nowhere for a while. The sound was saying “touch the mirror” I was scared a lot, but Diren curiously said to me smirkingly, “ come, we can do what it says. What can trouble come over us? And we teleported another place as soon as we touched it. İt was too dark and I couldn’t see Diren. We bumped into an old man, who was long beard, white dressed, and holding a lantern in her hand. he suddenly closed us and said “I am giving two options for you guys, the first one is that you will enter the 360 number door and you will end up the mine place. You have got 60 minutes and you will have to bring me three pearls” he continued and said “But, there is a ghost in here. You need to escape from that ghost while searching for the pearl. This ghost can be strong by eating the humans.” Diren asked the old man “ what is the other option” the old man continued the sentence where he left “ the other option is to enter into the 361 numbered door and end up in a galaxy.” I asked him the thing that mingled my mind “ well, what will we do in here” the old man continued “ the duty in here is a little bit challenging. I want you guys to bring me the sparkling stars which are three different colors. Your time is overall 120 minutes, but there is a ghost that will be more challenging for you guys than the other duties are, this ghost doesn't eat people, it takes the energy of humans to be fed by seeing them instead. Now it is time to choose between 1 and 2. “ the options? We tried to decide with Diren by looking at each other longly. We said, “ We accept the first option that you offered.” The old man disappeared by saying good luck after our speaking and the 360 numbered door appeared in front of me. We entered the door by the scare. As soon as we stepped into the door, we were slipping over the mine rail. After 5 minutes, finally, we stopped and we came to the mine rail. When every 10 minutes passed, the sound coming let us know “ you got 50/40/30/20 minutes left” we hadn’t found even one pearl yet. A ghost appeared out of nowhere, and the ghost can reach our speed instantly because of flying rather than walking as we do. The ghost appeared right behind us and neither of us started to run. While I was running and looking behind as well, I realized a pearl behind us. If I had come back, the ghost would have caught me, but if I continued to move on, we couldn’t achieve take the three pearls. Instantly, I turned my back and got the pearl, but what was that? The ghost achieved to catch one of my legs. I couldn’t run any longer and started to cry not holding my tears. Suddenly, Diren saved me by pulling my leg from the mouth of the ghost. While we were about glad to take the first pearl, a sound was heard “ you got 20 minutes left!” I was nervous when the time was reported. One more pearl appeared, but I don't know how to get it because it was stuck among the big stones. Because of both the time and the ghost who comes and goes, I should have acted swiftly. While Diren was looking around, he said effusively “ I found, I found a hammer, and thanks to that, we can take the pearl out of the stone.” The hammer was hung on the wall, and we achieved to take it. Moreover, we took the pear by crashing the stones. We had 10 minutes left and just one pear was the rest. We continued to move on and unfortunately, the ghost appeared once again. We started to run, but we had to run slowly because of the stony path. When I turned my back so that I can see the ghosts, I realized the ghost was prepared to eat one of its arms of Diren. If the ghost had eaten him, I would have liked to think about what will happen then. I got the stones beside me and threw them all over the ghost, but… the stones were never crushing it because of its senseless body. Suddenly, I started to think of growing an idea in my mind. Before the old man disappeared, he said that “ you should say those words IDERMAKUL YA EYHENMEDUL when one of you is caught to be eaten by the ghost. It will be efficient.” I started to say those words fast and the ghost disappeared without harming Deren. We just lingered around a lot and roughly we had got 2/3 minutes left as we thought. Just one pearl was left and we were praying to rid of the evil nightmare by finding it. We found it finally. As soon as we found it, we teleported to the place where we talked with the old man. I and Deren were looking at each other saying “ what happened” and the old man appeared in the middle. she said with a calm voice and slowly “ Give me these three pearls “ whatever happened, I and Deren kept this between us. We didn’t tell anything to anyone except for my diary:=)