The Mystery of the History.

Once upon a time, a new story was beginning. There was a girl called Rüya, who is 13 years old, with blonde hair, and green eyes. Rüya is a girl, who is very curious and an adventurer. She is always testing something out, but for a while, she is very bored to test anymore. She got a fascinating idea in her mind. Rüya wants to write a book during that process, but she has to find a topic to write about. Rüya started to think about the topic on which she needs to write, but she couldn’t find anything that comes to her mind. The next day, her family decided to visit the Topkapı Palace, but Rüya wants to stay at home to find a topic. She couldn’t resist the persistence of her family and accepted it. She prepared by tieing his sun yellowish hair up tightly. And they set off the road. During the way, she always thought about the topic that she will write about. When they arrived at the Topkapı Palace, they encountered a fascinating view. They began to get inside the palace and walked around. This tower, which was completed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and his army in 1478, is a unique place that is the value of a treasure. Her mother wanted to get help from the guide, but the guide that will help them out got sick. Hence, they will just walk around the palace. Rüya was looking at the environment with marvelous since she has entered the palace. She was bounced by looking at the environment and she didn’t realize how she was backward from her family. When she realized, her family couldn’t be there. While she was looking at the sides hurriedly, a clink fell on the air, coming from a shady corridor, on her left. She heads towards the clink where the sound is coming, because of her too much curiosity. During the corridor, the sound is up and down. While she was walking, she felt something weird under her feet. Because of thinking that there is something under the carpet, she lifted the carpet and a button, which is kind of a big square shape appeared. She was scared a little bit, but after falling into her curiosity defeated, she pressed the while button. At that moment, the the light of environment was opened and closed. It had been about 20 minutes gradually. In the end, the environment became dark. While rüya was staring around in horror. A thick man sound raised:

- My padishah, there is a little girl in here!

Rüya started to be afraid a lot. She couldn’t move and speak. After throwing her first shock, she looked at the thick sound man, beside her. His clothes were very different. The man was trying to take her somewhere by grabbing her arm. When rüya left the dark corridor with the man, she realized that here is a newer place than the place where she came from before, she felt that here was just made now. The clothes of the people around were too different. Rüya understood that she teleported the past. Here is the year of Topkapı Palace was made. Rüya was thinking about why she is in this place, but she couldn’t find a reasonable answer. Her heart was beating hard and taking a breath deeply and leaving. When she was relieved a little bit, even if it is a scary thing to worry about, she thought that everybody wouldn’t come across this process and decided to live with her past. The man made her climb up the stairs and took her away from Fatiha Sultan Mehmet's chamber. Rüya was paralyzed because she has seen Fatiha Sultan Mehmet in her life for the first time. The padishah asked her  “ why were you alone in this room” rüya told me that “ she has lost while wanting to walk around. Rüya began to be very curious about the history of Topkapı Palace because of loving it. She wanted to learn those immediately, by doing so, she needs to ask someone who knows those pieces of information. She pleased him to explain the history of the Topkapı Palace. The padishah was fond of children, so he didn’t reject the request and started to explain:

- Thanks to my command and my army after conquesting Istanbul in 1453 years, Topkapı Palace that we started to build in 1460 was completed in 1478. In fact, I am not the one who is the architect for this palace because we made it with such successful architects as co-partners.

We built our palace on an area of 700,000 square meters on the East Roman Acropolis in Sarayburnu. Our palace has an area of approximately 300,000 square meters. In our palace, we have constructions consisting of a mint oven, a wood warehouse, a sick house, and a wicker quarry. In the second courtyard of our palace, there is the Imperial Square. We hold meetings and ceremonies here. We call the third courtyard of our palace the Enderun Courtyard. In this courtyard, we have the Supply Room, the Enderun Treasure, and Private Rooms. In our fourth and last courtyard, there are the Baghdad and Revan mansions and the Iftar Lodge. In the lower part of our courtyard, there is the Mecidiye Mansion and the Esveb Room. The padishah asked her name by telling her that it is her turn to explain now. When rüya told her name, padishah found her name weird. He stated that he hasn’t heard such a name in her life before. At the moment of rüya who was about to thank what he told, the light was opened and closed again and the environment became dark. Rüya started to stare around in the shock of the moment. She heard a sound from her mother calling Rüya! Rüya! rather than a thick sound of a man and understood that she is in her time. The square button was under control, but it wasn't there. Just then, his family came to her and hugged her tightly, then asked her why she was there. The Rüya did not want to tell what she had been through, so she said that she was sitting here to rest. Her family hugged Rüya again and warned her not to go anywhere without their request. And they set out to go home, Rüya kept thinking about what she had been through during the journey. When they got home, Rüya immediately went to her room and sat at her desk. Because now she knew the subject of the book she was going to write, she decided to write a book about her experiences today. And it's titled "The Mystery of History".