A Train Adventure

Once upon a time, everyone is a decent person, and the oldest people love the young. Marco has been such an adventurer, an extraordinary person, and more different than others since he was a child. Moreover, when he grew, he didn’t even lose his both extraordinary, curiosity, and he became a mountaineer. I guess that he chose differently than the others. Marco will climb Fairy Meadows which are “fairy meadows” in Pakistan’s district of Gilgit state so that he could put one more mountain that he climbed, on his list. He will climb on the Fairy Meadows which makes someone’s feet and hands itchy because of its dangers. He leaned his head on a seat, and slowly what was remained for him, by looking at the ticket that he bought for his trip, he was relieved as if he will not climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. He realized that he fell asleep after the half-hour and turned towards the Windows, and that moment made him feel like such a lucky person because he sat next to the window. Marco has liked to travel by observing around beside the window since he was a child. While he was looking around from the window, a process will emerge that he called “crystal rain” there was snowing, he watched the landscape outside for a while, and a man's sound that prevents him to see the outside, emerged, and Marco turned towards the sound coming. A man waiter was handing him a menü. Marco took the menü slowly, and the waiter asked him

- Do you need anything that you want?”

Marco wanted orange juice, and the waiter left there by taking the menü, and also left him with this fascinating landscape. The landscape was so beautiful that as if someone was sprinkling the snowflake from the sky. For a while, a man sound raised again, but Marco was familiar with the sound of the waiter at this time. He turned towards the waiter. The waiter was stretching a tray out to Marco. When he looked at the tray, he realized that the juice that he wanted, was over there. Then he slowly took the orange juice he wanted from the tray that the waiter was stretching out, and left it on the table right in front of him. Then the waiter went away fast, and Marco once again dreamed the beautiful thoughts. When he woke up, he realized that the orange juice finished, but he didn’t drink it. there was two option that he thought, neither the waiter took the orange juice after realizing that he didn’t drink, nor a rude passenger who became thirsty, drink the orange juice, but it wasn’t important for Marco a lot. Marco was thinking of the adventure that he will travel after hours. Suddenly, the train stopped, and this hard stop caused Marco’s head struck to somewhere. Marco didn’t get hurt that he stood up to look around the process that happened in the rain, but there was nothing in appearance. Suddenly, the door of the train was opened, and the perishing cold that got inside caused Marco to flinch. And A large man who is with a scruffy beard entered inside. Marco thought that something went wrong and that he took an ax in his hand with the purpose of cutting tress in the mountain process. Marco held the ax under his armpit thinking that it was the right thing to defend himself. The man was asking something everyone was in line silently. The man faced Marco and said that” couldn’t you help a little bit” by being so kind. Marco understood that there actually is a kind and naive in his inner side rather than his appearance of the man, and he said that he could help him. After saying that to the man, he was a little happy and had hope on his face. The man said that his car wasn’t in order, and if he helps him, he would give money to Marco as well. his father of Marco showed him how to repair a car, and he repaired the car in a short time by guiding the information that was taught by his father. The man thanked him by revealing some money from his pocket to give Marco, but Marco rejected the man kindly and got on the train. While the train was moving on, Marco looked at the man from the window and saw a smile coming from inside intimately. Then Marco continued the train journey, and after the long trip, he arrived at the mountain, and a mountain was added to the list that he climbed.